The Body’s Self Correcting Mechanism

Years ago, I had a neck injury, a “whiplash.” It was a very emotional event for me . . . I really feared that I would never recover. I hurt all over, and couldn’t even use my car’s rear view mirror without pain.  I couldn’t turn my head to the left at all, and I could not even stand up straight.

I was quickly loosing my attitude also. I was constantly moody and anxious about whether or not I would recover.  That was when I was first introduced to craniosacral therapy, and somatoemotional release. The experienced was a miracle, because it was a life changer for me. It’s the thing that inspired me to become a certified craniosacral therapist.

A traumatic injury, is often caused by an impact force, like a fall, a blow to the head or body. Even an emotional or physical assault, can result in physical injuries.  The force of the injury, enters the body’s soft tissue and becomes stuck, when it does the body’s natural healing processes can’t release it all.

Left untreated the body’s self regulatory system becomes overwhelmed and begin to fatigue. Which can then lead to a serious decline in health. The impact force, is like a disruptive force of energy, buried and lodged within the body’s soft tissue. It’s known as an “energy cysts.”  When the energy cysts becomes chronic, it causes mobility and circulation issues with in the body. And Yes, it also often leads to chronic mood swings and behavior changes. Like negative emotions, and thought processes like fear, anger, shame and even despair.

Once my craniosacral therapist, located my body’s injury site, she found that the cause was a buried energy cyst. She melded in with my body and began to help it unwind, and release, these trouble anomalies.  Simply by intentionally directing healing energy through the troubled aspects of the body, and by asking for information and a change. The felt sensory experience, is very much like a trance, where you feel like and imagine that you are in a conversation with the body’s own deep inner wisdom. That part of the body’s that still knows how to heal.
Once the release is initiated, tears of joy, anger, shame and even memories of fear can well up from inside you. Sometimes this happens with or without the associated memory of the traumatic event that lead to your injury.
Somehow,  just by holding the space, intentionally working with the body’s intelligence, directing Healing “InnerQi” – listening and allowing the body to express its own emotional content helps the body release its own energy cysts, and begin the integrative healing process, that enables the body to self correct and well being. That my friend is where the miracle of health happens.
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Published by Claude Barrett, LMT, CST

Hello, I graduated 1978 BFA from Texas Christian University, and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist, since 1991. In 1992, I graduated from the Institute of Natural Healing Sciences in Colleyville Texas – An American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) Accredited 600 hour "Advance Clinical Application of Massage Therapy," as a Holistic Health Practitioner. In 2011, Techniques Certified Upledger Institute Advanced CranioSacral Therapist. Also, I am an Upledger Pediatric CranioSacral Therapy Practitioner. I am a Matrix Energetics Level 3 Practitioner - "Medical Intuitive." Call 214 232-5278 Leave a message for an appointment.

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