Read about what people have been saying about my therapeutic services:
  • Annette brought in her five year old, grand daughter  for a craniosacral session.   Her grand daughter was born with ‘arthrogryposis’ (amc),  and was experiencing a lot of difficulty in walking. She couldn’t walk without orthotic bracing and a walker.  Prior, to seeing me,  she had corrective surgery.  But 4 months after surgery, she was still
    needing her leg bracing and a walker, to get around.  
    At the end of her first session with me, this brave little girl walked out without her walker, and her orthotic braces.  Later that same evening Annette informed me: “This little one, felt so good after her craniosacral session, that she tried to do a cart wheel for the first time. Wow!”
  • A couple, new in town came in with migraine headaches.    Miraculously,  only after one craniosacral therapy, their pain levels of 9 and 6, dropped down dramatically to a 1 on the pain scale. They were both really thankful.   Now they see me ever 3 to 4 months, for maintenance. All paid for by their employer’s flexible and medical spending’ accounts . (Ask for a medical massage receipt, so you can file your own claim). 
  • Alex worked was a concert roadie, (“Alex” not his actual name), for a Garth Brooks conceit here in Dallas, Texas.  While he was helping to set up the suspended stage, that hung from the stadium ceiling,  a cable broke, causing him to fall about 25 feet to the artificial turf.  After months of traditional medical and physical therapy treatments, Alex came in, walking with a cane, complaining of knee sand ankle problems.  Alex’s first medical massage and craniosacral session included myofascial unwinding techniques, that involved muscle balancing, neuromuscular reeducation,  positional of ease techniques to decompress his lumbar, hips, knees and ankles.  Only after a couple sessions, scheduled a week apart, Alex was able to walk without the use of his cane, and was confident that he could now returned to favorite sport, basketball.