Hello my friends, I’m Claude Barrett,

I’m a licensed massage therapist. I am certified as an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist and CranioSacral Therapist.

Quantum InnerQI Healing™ represents my heart centered, integrative and energetic approach to therapeutic massage.

My approach has its roots in both ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic practices. I utilize shamanic, “active imagination,” trance meditation concepts alongside modern therapeutic and energetic intention modalities.  I intentionally open to our Spirit Guides and the Body’s Inner Wisdom, to help facilitate changes in the things that need to be changed.  At the core of this work, it moves into flow with the heart’s spark of divinity and sacred connection to all that is.  

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Therapeutic Services:

Located in Garland, Texas

Services: (1 Hr. $90; 1.5 Hr. $120; 2 Hr. $180).

Swedish          Clinical Massage        

CranioSacral Therapy     &      InnerQi

Be sure to sign up for your free Quantum InnerQi online video, it’s an introduction to a three part virtual tour, of how your body’s inner wisdom can be tapped into to gather information, and to manifest changes in those things in your life that need to be changed. Started with how to awaken to Spirit, your heart’s natural sacred connection to all that is.

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Quantum InnerQi Healing™ is also my signature online course work. It’s where I share with you how easy it is to tap in energetically, “consciously” into your own heart’s vital core, to move intentionally into flow with Divinity, with your hands and begin working therapeutically for any purpose you have in mind.

Utilizing ancient and modern approaches to energy healing, through shamanistic journey concepts, spirit guides and the natural healing sciences of the body – mind -spirit’s  inner wisdom.

I want to share with you what I found that works best for me, so you can discover what best works for you.  The good news you already know how to do this inner work, because it’s apart of who we are.  It’s just a matter of awakening your Heart’s Quantum InnerQi Healing.™

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