Quantum InnerQi Healing™

Quantum InnerQI Healing™ is my integrative holistic approach to therapeutic, energetic “healing hands” which can be utilized locally or non-locally.

My energetic approach, in clinical massage, craniosacral therapy and remote, absentee healing has its roots in both ancient and modern therapeutic practices. My approach utilizes shamanic, active imagination, trance meditations concepts alongside modern therapeutic touch and energetic intention practices. Engaging and working with our Spirit Guides and the Body’s inner wisdom, to facilitate inner work, and changes in the things that need to be changed.  At the core, of this work, it moves into flow with the soul’s sacred connection to Source;  (The gnostic traditions held that a spark of divinity is found within the heart).

“Both conscious and unconscious intention moves energy” Lynne McTaggart; –unconscious intention is more often than not, drains our energy, and creates more problems than it’s worth.  Positive thoughts, active intention and affirmation are equally powerful.

Quantum InnerQi Healing™ on line courses is about tapping into your own heart’s vital energy, to move into flow with your soul’s sacred connection to divinity, and begin working therapeutically with your own spirit guides, through your heart and your hands.

Distance is not an issue, so this work can also be done remotely, utilizing ancient and modern approaches to shamanistic journey and to the natural science of therapeutic healing touch.

I want to share with you what I found that works best for me, so you can discover what best works for you.  The good news you already know how to do this, because it’s apart of who we are.  It’s just a matter of awakening your Heart’s Quantum InnerQI Healing™

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