Quantum InnerQi?

What is Quantum InnerQi Healing™?  

Quantum InnerQI Healing, “healing hands” also known as energy medicine, spiritual healing, healing hands or even prayer – has all  been around for a very long time.

Much of the modern medical sciences, about all this, is still in the discovery phase, not sure about what to think about all this. Not because it is unknown, unproven and unobserved, but because much of it still doesn’t have any standardized, evaluation methods that can consistently show the proof.  Practitioners concepts and methods differ quite a bit from each other, which makes it more difficult.

There is far more to the universe than meets the eye.

All energetic medicines, both ancient and modern has a lot to do with awareness, what we believe to be true and who you are. The magic, in all this, is when it changes our consciousness.  The miracle of life, can only be experienced, when we step into it’s true mysteries, and be a witness to it like a child. To fully, engage the miracles of life, is to change the things, in our life that need to be changed. To do this, we have to be willing to play, be open up and discover, and explore beyond our conditioning that taught us that “make-believe” doesn’t even exist.

We grew up, like the circus elephant, chained to a post, even though she is much stronger than that post, overtime she became conditioned not to even try.  We decide what is possible, and what is not, and judge accordingly, and like the elephant, we sooner than later, don’t even try to know anything beyond what you already decided to be true. That is truly sad.

All the wonderment of life, are just beyond the “veil”. You got to be like Moses, who dared to meet with God on Mount Sinai, believing that He would be there, in his time of need.

A limited, restrictive belief is just that, a “veil” a barrier to our perceptional awareness, keeping us out of the loop, stopping us from discovering new territories of truth of who we are. Stops us from reaching beyond the “veil,” where all the real fun begins.

What I am all excited about, is that there is a whole new science that is beginning to verify the energetic principles, of the universe, and is beginning to realize, what is beyond the “veil” of the universe, and maybe what its’ mysteries are.  It is called Quantum Physics.

In Quantum physics, the “observer effect” proved that by consciously observing a situation or phenomenon at it’s core quantum level, changes that phenomenon.  Not only that, the instruments the scientist use for measuring at that level, also can alter the state of what it measures.

Furthermore, our “intention” can collapses the core wave function, and switch the wave, into a particle, and a particle back into a wave in accordance with our desired outcome is. That means, at the core subatomic level of the universe, it responses to us as if it knows that we want to play.

This means, the quantum wave function is intelligent, and is the Pure Source of all that is.

Ponder this . . . “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” 

Quote: Max Planck, (1858 – 1947) – German theoretical physicist, founder of Quantum Physics. Discovered the energy quanta, he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918).

“M-M-M= Matrix!?!”  That is about as close as any scientist has ever come to naming the Source of all that is, “God”.

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