SomatoEmotional Release?

SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is a therapeutic phenomena, a dynamic adjunct to CranioSacral Therapy.  It’s inner work, that gives the client access to their own body’s deep consciousness and inner wisdom, which is that part of our body’s ability to self-regulate, self-maintain and self-heal itself.  It’s a synthesis of consciousness, the therapist helps the client realize and give expression to their own buried emotional and physical forces that are associated with traumatic injuries.

Left untreated physical traumatic forces, like from a fall on your tail bone, or a whiplash due to a car accident can often overwhelm and cause chronic physical or mental health issues.

In SER, the client and the therapist work together to find these physical forces and their buried emotional memory within the body. Then they work together, to converse with its traumatic patterns, and their body’s inner wisdom to learn what it is, and what it needs to resolve the issue.

SER is dynamic body-mind process, “hands on” therapeutic approach, which doesn’t have an agenda. Unlike somatotherapy approaches, which focuses on psychological or cognitive approaches to resolve physiological problems (often created by drugs or surgery) to learn coping skills to modify behavior.  SomatoEmotional Release instead, engages the body’s inner wisdom to allow it the freedom to express what it needs help to resolve. Without an agenda, the SER therapist and client work together creatively discover the hidden causes of the trauma buried within the body, trusting in his inner wisdom to co-facilitate a release and wellness.  –Sometimes the simple recall of a lost memory and the expression of its emotional content associated with traumatic event, is enough to help co-facilitate for the body’s healing. Sometimes, it means helping the body do the hard work, formulate a commitment to make life changes, to maintain wellness.

(SomatoEmotional Release process was discovered by Dr. John E. Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy clinical trials, in the late 70s. He’s “Inner Physician” Therapeutic Imaging and Dialoguing is an archetypical representation, a personification “dream image” of the body’s natural healing wisdom).

My own SER, story

The goal, in SomatoEmotional Release is to help the client consciously access their own body’s inner wisdom, the therapist helps the client give an image and a voice, to their own inner processes. Which is co-facilitated, and integrated by playfully pretend.  It’s the key element to SER success. It begins by given yourself permission, to engaging your mind’s creative function.

This means, playfully –“acting-as-if” with your inner feelings, discomfort, pain, memory and images that are associated with trauma as if they are real, so you can converse with them, learn what they know, so you can help them resolve what ever problem your body is experiencing in the moment. Your minds’ active imagination, gives you access to your body’s inner wisdom.

it’s  problem already be done without any real expectations, no attachments to an outcome.


heal, via therapeutic imaging and dialoguing, which is facilitated when the client’s awareness accesses their own deep consciousness.

, efthat become isolated within the body.  and a safe hands on applicationthat helps your body’s inner wisdom to release and self-correct physical and emotional traumatic issues, deep wounds that can often lead to chronic health conditions.

In the late 1970s, a joint medical research project, led by Dr. John Upledger, D.O., O.M.M. and  Dr. Zvi Karni, Biophysicist Biophysicist, discovered that the body often retains negative emotional memories, of a traumatic physical and emotional event. The physical impact force that created the injury, like a birth trauma, or recent car, or work related injury, can get buried in the body and create what is called  an “energy cyst”. Untreated these abnormal patterns can lead to serious health conditions.

For example, the energetic and physical force gets externally induced into the body, as the result of the force of a fall, or a blow to the head.  Depending upon the body’s soft-tissue and movement dampening effect, it often gets injected into the body. The body creates an “Energy Cyst” to protect itself from further harm. an encapsulated ball of dysfunctional entropic patterns. Overtime, the unreleased pattern can quickly compromise the body’s own healing potential.  (Photo Credit: ABMP Membership).

More Information: The Upledger Institute, 11211 Prosperity Farms Rd Ste D223, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410; 561 622-4334. For Research Articles go to and “search” for specifically focused case studies, as well as on training course. “CranioSacral Therapy”, and the development of “SomatoEmotional Release” are terms Dr Upledger coined to differentiate it from what was previously taught only to osteopaths.

What to Expect During SomatoEmotional Release Session, you will be fully clothed, and lay face up on a massage table, and be covered with a sheet and blanket for warmth and modesty.  The therapist, helps the client, realize through movement support and position of ease techniques to access their own body’s core wisdom, their subconscious and nonconscious levels, to facilitate the body’s healing from physical and emotional past and even recent traumatic events.

Responses differ for every person. At the deep conscious level, our body yearns to be heard and compassionately supported, without judgement. A Craniosacral Therapist, works through your SomatoEmotional Release by helping you learn how to be aware and present with your own physical body, mentally and emotionally, and helps you work with this deeper core consciousness to integrate and reawaken the body’s inner wisdom to balance, revitalize and heal.

SomatoEmotional Release is a phenomena, that can facilitate your own body’s healing from traumatic emotional and physical injuries. Helps to transforms old outdated patterns, so you can rediscover the vitality of life. 

Love and Light – A Blessing Be.

Claude Barrett, LMT, CST  

License Number mt004572.

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Claude is a Member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)); Medallion Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP); Certified Upledger Institute CranioSacral Therapist and an Graduate in Advanced Clinical and Holistic Applications of Massage Therapy, from the Institute of Natural Healing Science, (INHS). 

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