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There is so much talk, going around about consciousness, and energetic healing. Endless video streams on youtube, meetups,  workshops and conferences through out the world, that sometimes, a new problem arises; “thinking”.

“I think, therefore I am.” -René Descartes, 1596 -1650; a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. Dubbed the father of modern western philosophy. I say, you are more than just your EGO. That is also where your fear, anger, anxiety, and doubt resides. It’s your ordinary thinking and feeling persona, that keeps you in the illusion of separateness. Deep inside you, there is an inner wisdom, to experience its’ truth you got to sit aside your thinking, move your mental focus down inside your heart, and tap into “veil” that stands between all that is physical and spiritual about us. It is the experience of the phenomena of life, beyond all that we can think, that the proof of it all can ever be known.  Like, down into your bones.

In other words, you got to give up your mental illusion, long enough to experience who you really are.  You do this, by trusting that deep inside you is a sacred connection to all that is. You do this by simple affirmation, or what other’s call faith.

As long, as we are stuck with the mental concepts, talking about what it is, and what we should know, we are still in the dark. Without first hand experiencing, at our deepest core levels, we are still locked into an ordinary thinking, our ego centric perspective.

Switching on your heart’s quantum innerqi light, is not just another concepts, born from ancient traditions and modern practicers, it is about truth, that comes from experiencing our quantum core being. We do this through the playful art of imagination.

Your active imagination, is what will help you to drop the veil between your mental self, your mind’s ordinary thinking, and give you access to your deeper connection. Your sacred connection to all that is. This is only accomplished through working with your own playful imagination, and practicing switching on the light, your heart’s divine spark.

These playful meditative exercises, awakens you to your own deep inner wisdom, that part of you that still knows that you are already connected to the Source of all that is.

It begins by simply, learning to set aside your analytic thinking, doubts and negatives long enough to play make believe.

Playful Exercises

  • Breathing, working with positive affirmations. Induces relaxation, decreases blood pressure and eases anxiety.
  • Silencing your thinking, and dropping your mental focus, and imagination down into  heart’s sacred space.
  • Balancing Chakras, and working with your heart’s and crown chakra center, to activate your hands.
  • Setting up a medical like laboratory, or a medicine wheel inside your heart’s space, to work with spirit guides and with  people you desire to help.
  • Learn to find, and isolate energetic anomalies and clear them, Hands off and on listening skills.
  • Learn how to help effect changes, tap into miracles by engaging the mysteries of life with intention.
  • Learn how to do, work an absentee viewing and remote distance sessions, simply by gathering sensory impressions with you hands, imagination and intention. Learn to tap into your own intuition.

Here, we will not only explore concepts, we will get to practice what we already know, and expand our awareness through playful experience, and thereby strengthen our relationship with the quantum core of the universe.

Sounds like fun? That is because it is. Join me, and learn to tap into your human potential, your authentic self through the art, and fun of play.

Learn, what your hands already know, and what all energetic healing arts have in common:

Reiki, Qi Gong, Silva Method, Pranic Healing, Polarity, Matrix Energetics, Medical Intuitive, Vision Questing, Therapeutic Touch, Hands of Light, Affirmations Meditation, Remote Healing, Clairvoyance, Telepathy – and so on.

Our next, workshop will be Sunday March 18, 2018 in Dallas, TX. 2 to 5 pm.

Leave all you skepticism, doubts, and judgements at the door, and dive in to play with us. Lets rise the vibration, and tune into the Source of all that is, your own Quantum InnerQi!

Bring a sketch book, to draw and journal on, about what you learn, and recall what you were born to know.

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