Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is often referred to as an alternative medicine involving specific finger and hand pressure applications on feet, hands and ears, with or without the use of oil or lotion. An old Chinese Medical proverb; “Happy feet makes for a happy body”.

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Reflexology originated from practices incorporated by ancient Chinese Medicine for improving the general well being.  Reflexology as a form of therapy focuses primarily on targeting body parts such as the feet, hands and even the ears.

For more than 3000-years practitioners from a Chinese origin utilized reflexology to balance out ‘Qi,’ the human living force of life. It is believed to be continuously flowing between different energy channels, also known as zones.

Based on Chinese affiliated principles, this particular form of therapy has its foundation upon the principle of manipulating reflex zones allocated within specific points of both the feet and the hands which as a result correspond to thousands of nerve endings located within other different parts of the client’s anatomy.

Regardless of  very little scientific research in Reflexology by western medicine, a large number of physicians who do practice alternative forms of therapy utilizing “Reflexology” have reported positive results.

Based on the Kunz studies conducted in 2008 regarding the effectiveness of Reflexology, various advantages of the practice include the following:

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Reduction in Anxiety; Relieving Migraine Pain; Enhanced Post-Surgical Recovery; – Credit: University of Minnesota Published article: “What Does the Research Say about Reflexology?” Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellness.


Foot Injury, Fever, Open Wounds, Pregnancy, Blood Clod Issues.

Other considerations

✔  Although babies and young children will receive benefit from many techniques, they rarely have the patience for a whole session. Thus, sessions duration is often abbreviated.

✔  If you are using other touch therapies, such as massage, allow at least 48 hours between touch therapy sessions to avoid an overload on your system.

✔  Sessions on Elderly – Geriatrics Clients, due to rapid fatigue, overloading the system, the session duration is also abbreviated.

Love and Light – A Blessing Be.

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