What is Visceral Manipulation?

Visceral ManipulationVisceral manipulation therapy has been practiced in Tibet for over two centuries however, it has gained international recognition when it was improved upon by a French Osteopath named Jean-Pierre Barrel.

Today visceral manipulation is practiced by various medical and alternative health professionals – for instance your massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, osteopath or even your medical doctor maybe practicing this type of treatment.

The main purpose of visceral manipulation is to enhance, improve the “mobility and motility” of the internal movements of the body’s organs it has suffered a traumatic injury. Perhaps, one that was the result of  an accident or a fall. It is well-known among medical professionals that after an accident hyper-tonicity, displacement and adhesions can cause our internal organs to loss, movement and flow, hindering it unable to work efficiently to their full capacity. Untreated, the body’s organs become chronically irritated and develop abnormal points of tension, which can lead to serious health conditions.

Visceral manipulation locates the misaligned soft-tissue restrictions and encourages your body to natural self-correct by easing stress within the body’s organs. It’s amazing how much the human body can heal its self when the causes of visceral stresses can get a change to really relax.

During a visceral manipulation therapy session the practitioner will gently massage the body’s abdominal region – encouraging the body’s visceral organs, the liver, kidneys, intestines, heart and so on, to release undo stresses and tension. As a result the organs will glide more freely, and function with less tension. Thereby enhancing the body’s organs to function more effectively overall.

Your first visceral manipulation appointment can last up to 40 to 60 minutes in length. You will be asked to lay face up on a massage table. I will use my hands to locate movement problems caused by soft-tissue restrictions, within your body’s visceral organs. This is done by testing the motion of your visceral organs individually and your body’s overall movement.  Once an adhesion is identified, a “movement restriction”, then I will work gently work through the area to release tension within.

In addition to being extremely relaxing, visceral manipulation will: 

  • Improve your range of motion
  • Greatly improve mood by releasing serotonin (the feel-good hormone) in the brain.
  • Ease chronic back and joint pain
  • Ease tension and stress
  • Help heal injuries and strains
  • Aids indigestion
  • Ward off infection
  • Helps relieve headaches and migraines

For More Information: Visceral Manipulation.

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