The Body’s Self Correcting Mechanism 

Years ago, my own neck injury, “whiplash” was a very emotional event for me . . .

I really feared that I would never recover. I hurt all over, and couldn’t use my car’s rear view mirror on the driver’s side with confidence.  I couldn’t turn my head to the left. I was quickly loosing it also. I was moody, and anxious about whether or not I would recover.

Then I experienced craniosacral therapy, to me, the experienced was a miracle.  At the time, I didn’t know much about it, but it was one of the major motivators that got me into Dr. John Upledger classes.

The body’s tissue memory, also known as muscle memory often buries the emotional content, as well as the original physical force of the traumatic injury.

Negative emotional content like fear, anger, shame and even despair, often get lodged in the body’s tissue. When it’s left untreated, the stuck emotions can lead to chronic unresolved physical injuries.

Once the craniosacral therapist, locates, evaluates and melds with the client’s body tissue, the chronic traumatic conditions within the body, begins to unwind, self release with an associated emotional expression.

Tears, anger, shame and even fear can well up from inside you, with or without the associated memory of the traumatic event that lead to your injury. Somehow,  just by holding the space, the listens and allows the emotion to be expressed allow the body physicality to move toward self-correction. That is where the miracle is. ~C.Barrett 19 Oct 2018.

Click here and read more about the “Body’s Self Correcting Mechanism”  by Lisa Upledger, D.C., CST-D; Upledger Institute Publication. 

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