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  • Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I don’t make any medical and psychological claims, diagnosis and treatments. Nothing here in this program content communicated by myself or associates should be construed as medical advise of any kind. Please see your own healthcare provider, professional for all your medical and psychological needs. Keep your healthcare provider inform about any changes in your health.  By reviewing this statement, products, services and information contained here within this; “Quantum InnerQi Healing™  you agree to our disclaimer to indemnify and hold harmless, myself “Claude Barrett,”my agents and/or associates of this company of any liabilities. You are solely responsible for your own intentions, decisions, well being and health care. 
  • Counter indications:

Therapeutic Medical Massage, Advanced CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, formally known as my Quantum InnerQi Healing™ practice is at best complementary, it works alongside medical allopathic approaches, but is not an alternative nor a substitute for proper medical care.  In line with my scope of “practice” my therapeutic holistic approach does not directly facilitate healing, meaning I am not a healer. My ‘practice’ instead addresses the causes of stress, pain, tensions, chronic injury and imbalances, to facilitate the body’s own natural healing process, it helps to facilitate your body’s own self corrections for its own immune systems, neuromuscular pathways, clear myofascial restrictions, enhance mobility and fluidity, as well as locate and release energy flow rebalances to assist the body’s own inner wisdom to self regulate, self maintain and to self heal itself. Check with your doctor, before self referring, especially if you have suffered a recent injury. Your will need your doctor’s diagnosis and approval for my therapeutic approach before attending your first session with me. Many times with your doctor’s medical necessity and prescription, your medical massage session can be  reimbursed by your own personal injury insurance claim, by your own flexible spending and medical saving account.

You further agree, and understand that my medical massage, craniosacral therapy, somatoemotional release, and energetic applications are for boosting your body’s healing processes, by reducing stresses, relief from tensions and pain, by addressing the causes of muscular and soft-tissue conditions. Quantum InnerQi Healing™ is not a medical practice, you agree and take full responsibility for your own health choices, you will be referred to a medical, psychotherapy or chiropractic physician as needs arise. Further more, my therapeutic and holistic practice does not directly manipulate bones, for that need you will be referred to a chiropractic or physical therapist for your recovery needs.

You agree and further understand that any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advanced on my client’s part will result in an immediate termination of the medical massage session, and the therapeutic relationship. The client is liable for the payment of the full scheduled appointment upon termination of sessions.

You agree and further understand that you must keep your Licensed Massage practitioner informed of any of your existing physical or mental conditions. Keep me, your medical massage therapist updated in your own changing health needs. Further more, you agree to release the names therapist, namely myself ‘Claude Barrett, LMT, CST’ from responsibility and any liability for any adverse reactions resulting from disclosed and undisclosed medical conditions.

Children, clients underage 18 and below, must have a signed consent agreement to receive a massage session, and/ or must be accompanied by their own parent or legal guardian within the same massage room, and alongside their child for the duration of the session.


In Texas, a licensed massage therapy industry is not regulated by HIPPA, not since we were moved from Texas Health Department to Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. With all that said, in respect to your right to privacy, my clients, prospective clients, students and prospective students. Except as described above, under no circumstances of service agreements, Quantum InnerQI; Quantum InnerQi Healing™  and Claude Barrett, LMT, CST will maintain a strick privacy policy, to protect your contact information, data profile, and will not be sold or given away to 3rd party entities, nor will I disclose you contact information or demographic profile via cookies online or otherwise to any agency, provided by you to any individual, advertiser, vendor, or any other entity without your express written consent. My client intake forms include all the above agreements, and receives for membership subscriptions to my own online email marketing of my training, educational  events above listed services.


Exceptions, in regard to your privacy contact and profile information would only be made in the event of a legal court order, a warrant to provide said information. My Domain is hosted by GoDaddy, it is installed with active privacy protection guarding protocols for active thrust, credit card protections, email spams and web malware. My client intake information forms collect your contact information and data profile, and you can check yes, and sign to give me expressed written consent for me to use your information, name, email and phone, strictly for my own email and newsletter marketing efforts. You can also opt out at that same point, by checking no, and even if you have checked yes, you can unsubscribe later if you choose, at the bottom of all my mailchimp email marketing forms, campaigns, class registrations, and online events, courses, and private therapeutic sessions.

If you have a serious injury, or have a mental or physical condition, I highly recommend that you see and keep an appointment with your medical provider(s). My services, is not a substitute for medical care, it is strictly complementary. For all emergencies call 9-1-1 and go to the hospital.

I do accept doctors referrals with medical necessity, however I do not do insurances, I am not on any insurance panels. CASH and Credit payments only. However, I can provide you a receipt for services hindered, so you can  file a claim on your personal injury accident claim, or flexible spending or medical savings accounts. Check with your HB department, for details on coverage.

You further understand and agree, when you receive information and\ or therapeutic session by, “Claude Barrett, LMT, CST”, the author of this published and non-published content/ material, and it’s brand “Quantum InnerQi Healing™” that you are solely responsible for your own mental and physical health and wellbeing. Thereby releasing me, of any legal responsible for your own decisions, and health care.

You must keep your primary medical or mental health provider, informed of any changes in you condition and health.  Further more, it is not recommended, nor is it advised that you stop your doctor’s medical treatment plan or cease your medications with out first consulting with your prescribing physician.

This content is provided for informational purposes only. Such information is not intended to medically diagnose, treat, cure, nor provide direct medical advice. Information on this website represents the opinions of the respective authors and is protected under the laws of copyright and trademark. © 2020 All rights Reserved; Claude Barrett, LMT, CST Quantum InnerQi Healing™  Information about my services on the website is for informational purposes only and non-binding.

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