Claude Barrett, LMT, CST, or affiliates, and trade mark name; “Quantum InnerQI” affirm that I am not a doctor, and if you have a serious injury, or have mental or physical conditions, I highly recommend that you see your medical provider first. My work, “Quantum InnerQi – Energetic CranioSacral Therapy” is not a substitute nor an alternative for proper medical diagnosis and treatment.  I do not prescribe, nor do I diagnosis. At best my work is complementary, and a holistic therapeutic approach, that works in conjunction with your doctor’s treatment plan and your recovery goals. You further understand and agree, when you receive information and therapeutic treatment by me, Claude, the author and Licensed Massage Therapist\ CranioSacral Therapist that you are solely responsible for your own health and wellbeing. You must keep your primary medical provider informed of any changes in you condition or health. Further more, it is not recommended, nor advised that you stop your medical treatments or medications with out first consulting with your prescribing physician.

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Claude Barrett, LMT, CST  License Number mt004572.


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    ABMPUpledger CST Certified   INHS

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Claude is a Member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)); Medallion Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP); Certified Upledger Institute CranioSacral Therapist and an Graduate in Advanced Clinical and Holistic Applications of Massage Therapy, from the Institute of Natural Healing Science, (INHS). 

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