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Mood, Anxiety and Depression

 Years ago, my own neck injury, “whiplash” was a very emotional event for me, I really feared that I would never recover. That I would always have in a lot pain and experience difficulty turning my head to the left.

I couldn’t find help until I found my own craniosacral therapist. He slowly and gently worked with my neck, and whole body until it all just eased into a deep relaxation on its own. When my neck released, my tears just floated my eyes, I felt a deep emotional relief, just from the fact, that I knew now I was going to get well. I had been hurt for a long time, and now I felt I had experienced a miracle.
Craniosacral therapy (CST) can be particularly beneficial for people with mood disorders, anxiety and depression.  This is because CranioSacral Therapy helps to relieve both the emotional and physical components of a traumatic injury, which often leads to mood, anxiety and depression disorders when not treated.
This is because CST, gets to the source of the chronic pain and dysfunction buried with in the body’s tissue, and addresses the emotional content, that is associated with the original physical force of the traumatic injury; (Negative emotional content like fear, anger, shame and even despair).  A simple fall from your bicycle when you were a kid, for example can lead to a chronic neck injury later in life. The injury to your tailbone, from the fall, was never really resolved, leaving a portion of it lodged in the base of your skull. Now your new whiplash, reawakens the original low back problem, thereby settling off a cascade of emotional and physical symptoms. That can quickly escalate, with out proper treatment.
Always consult with your doctor about any of your mood disorders, anxiety and depression, but know that these conditions are often associated with unresolved physical injuries buried in the body. Chronically compressions within the body, especially any where along the central nervous system can do that. Sometimes, a compression at the base of the spine, will cascade, transport and move into the neck, up into base of the skull, or vise versa. (The occipital ridge, is the site where a lot of headaches, migraines pains and even TMJ-D are found).
So an impacted compression injury at either end of the spine, the base of your cranium, “your head and neck” or at the sacrum, “the triangular bone below the last vertebra of the spine” can hold not only the physical force of the injury, but also it’s unhealthy emotional content.  That is why a CST practitioners, work above and below the injury site and the whole body, to locate the body’s bio-mechanical tension and movement patterns, to resolve seemly unrelated issues.
It has been shown, by the late Dr. John Upledger, Osteopathic Physician who developed Craniosacral Therapy, via  extensive scientific studies from 1975 to 1983 at Michigan State University, where he served as Clinical Research Professor of Biomechanics, that the body’s healing vitality and emotional health was improved greatly, when the emotional content of the original traumatic events was also supported therapeutically.
This is why, a CST practitioner works to support the whole body holistically, physically and emotionally through listening skills, gentle touch and softening positional releases, in an effort to boost the body’s natural healing processes. CranioSacral Therapy stems from Osteopathic Medicine, and is based upon the primary principle that the body knows how to heal itself.
Many people feel some immediate relief from emotional symptoms, including muscle and joint pain, which in turn helps to reduce anxiety and depression.
After a few CranioSacral Therapy sessions, people often notice changes in their symptoms and sleep patterns, that allow a person rest deeply, which empowers the body to return to health.  CST has been shown to benefit many chronic pain, emotional, illness and physical conditions, including:
  • Migraines, headache pain, chronic neck and back pain, anxiety and depression disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Post Concussion Symptoms
  • Childhood Disorders, Scoliosis, ADD/ ADHD and Orthopedic Injury Recovery.

For more information, access the Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy research articles.

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Quantum InnerQI Healing Touch -Medical Massage and CranioSacral Therapy 

Claude Barrett, LMT, CST License Number mt004572. Claude is a Member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)); He is also a Medallion Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP); Ans is a 2011 Certified Upledger Institute CranioSacral Therapist. Claude graduated in 1992 Advanced Clinical and Holistic Applications of Massage Therapy, from the Institute of Natural Healing Science, (INHS). 

Now located in both Garland, and in Rockwall, Texas. Call me Claude 214 232-5278 for an appointment. (Soon you will be able to book with me online).

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Love and Light – A Blessing Be.

Claude Barrett, LMT, CST  #mt004572.

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Medical Massage, Health and Holistic Healing

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Craniosacral therapy (CST) can be particularly beneficial for people with chronic fatigue conditions because it works gently to build up health and vitality by enabling deep rest and recovery for your whole body.

CranioSacral is supportive and holistic, and follows your body’s responses, and gently supports the pace your body determines. This makes craniosacral therapy, safe and well suited for people who have clusters of symptoms, headaches, migraines, unique to themselves, and for those who have fragile and sensitive systems.

Many people feel some immediate relief from symptoms, including muscle and joint pain and reduced anxiety. After a few sessions, people can soon notice differences in their sleep patterns and ability to rest deeply which allows the body to return to health.
Sustained progress, can take several sessions, maybe months, depending upon your body’s responses. We will constantly review your CST treatment approach, and look at what additional factors, to support your therapeutic process.
Now located in Garland, and in Rockwall, Texas
Call me Claude 214 232-5278 for an appointment near you.
Medical Massage, Health and Holistic Healing

Smudging – A First People’s Purification Prayer

I grew up in a very conservative religious, and political minded family. For all intentional purposes, it was the center of the Bible Belt.

I never really witnessed, the ritualistic use of smoke in prayer and ceremony. For me, when I was a member of the Episcopal Church, it was frankincense and myrrh incense, burned during Mass that connected me to the community and the Holy Spirit.

But when, I experienced my first Native American, smudging ritual, done with the  burning smoke of sage, something about it was primordial to me. I was at once, purified and connected to the smoke and with spirituality, the Source of all that is.

In Shamanism, and Native American traditions, the smoke dispels negativity, stagnant energies, and bridges across and beyond the “veil”, that separates the mental world of ordinary thinking and things from the Spiritual Realm and Goodness.

The most common smoke-purification prayer ritual used is a technique called “smudging”.  Their unique concept and method used by many different tribes across multiple continents, throughout the ages indicates that “smudging” has some real mental\physical, emotional and/or spiritual benefits.

How can smudging be so powerful?

The answer lies in the atomic and subatomic worlds of subtle-spiritual energies. Our homes, bodies and relations are not just made of pure physical matter; they also made of invisible pulsating energy.  Purifying, a our mental, and physical bodies with smudging clears away the destructive emotions and negative psychic energies that clings to our physicality. Left, untreated, it can drain us of our vitality.

Like spiritual spring cleaning,  I smudge myself, home or a family members, visualizing the smoke sweeping away debris. The ritual can help you banish stress, ease tensions, attract love, and give you energy, and bring you into balance with the healing rhythms and seasons of the year. I use it often in my sacred space, however humble, to purify a sanctuary – a place to meet up with my spirit guides, and for renewal and happiness.

How to Smudge

  1. Use an abalone shell is a traditional Native American vessel for holding the sage. However, a small, flat, heat-proof container will also do.
  2. Light the end of your bundled sage and let it flame for a few moments, then extinguish the flame so the sage is smoldering and smoking.
  3. Smudge with the smoking sage in the vessel. Use circular clockwise movements, encircle yourself with the smoke. Native American, First People often used a very large feather from a bird, such as a turkey.  Fan the smoke, with the feather all around the yourself and the room going around windows and doorways. I always say a prayer, giving thanks, asking for all negativity be released, and to open up for all that is good and holy. If possible, open some windows and doors to allow the smoke to leave. Could set off a smoke alarm.
  4. You can do this for the whole room and even the whole house. Start at the most northerly of the house, or room, moving clockwise, let the smoke from the sage move throughout the home. Try and finish off the smudging process by ending up at an open door, or window.  Making a full circle around your home.

Sage is the most potent herb for smudging but you can also use cedar and sweet grass. Cedar and sweet grass used after smudging with sage, is used to invite spirit guides, good energies and to revitalize.

I always like to say a little prayer over and over, while I am smudging, giving thanks,  asking the ‘powers that be’ (Great Spirit) to remove all negativity and unwanted energies, and asking for a blessing.





Medical Massage, Health and Holistic Healing

Alternative or Complementary?

Why would anyone say that CranioSacral Therapy is an alternative medicine?

I think it is because some dogmatic medical scientist, amateurs, who haven’t really done their own research want to discredit us from doing business as a CranioSacral Therapist, they want the whole healthcare field for themselves. The fact is, CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release are by nature, complementary, works best in conjunction with allopathic medicine, not against.

According to Wikipedia and other non-medical, non-researchers like to tell us that CranioSacral Therapy\ SomatoEmotional Release is an alternative therapy that can be used instead of your doctor’s medical diagnosis and treatment. Practitioners are believed do manipulation of skull bones, and regulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid inside the brain and spinal cord’s dura membrane and aid in “primary respiration”.

There are several problems with this definition, that need to be addressed:

  1. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) doesn’t focus on the manipulation of synarthrodial joints, nor the movement of the skull. But instead focuses on the dura membrane system, on it’s restrictions that often hinder, and lead to abnormal dura membrane mobility and more specifically cause the cerebrospinal fluids’ rhythmic flow to work harder around these soft-tissue adaptations.
  2. CranioSacral Therapist uses a light gentle touch, positional releases and movement, does not involve the manipulation of bones, like Chiropractic Medicine does. Our focus is instead along the dura tube, that lines the inside of the skull, vertebral column, and attaches to the sacrum and tail bone. The dura membrane, is the outer most protective membrane, that keeps the brain and spinal cord functional. The sub-arachnoid membrane, the space that holds the cerebrospinal fluid and its cyclic pressures, its in-flow and out flow mechanism, is under a semi-hydroclic pressure.  Further more, CST helps to improve brain and spinal cord’s functionality, by helping to enhances the dura movement and by balancing the cerebrospinal rhythmic flow.  All in an supportive effect to help the body, take better care of you, in health and well being.
  3. Also, contrary to medical dogma, the bones of an adult skull can be moved. And that  “primary respiration” – cerebrospinal fluid’s rhythmic pulsations can be detected with hands, used to assisting to rebalance and support body’s self-correction.
  4. There is no direct intention to manipulate or pop bones in CranioSacral Therapy, as such it is a much safer, gently and noninvasive therapeutic application. On an average, it takes a Chiropractor, about 10 mins to evaluate and treat the patient, while a CST session it may take from 40 to 90 mins, to evaluate and treat, depending upon the body’s responses. Which gives your body the time it really needs, to release deep traumatic physical and emotional issues.

Historically, CranioSacral Therapy was developed by John Upledger, D.O. in the 1970s, as an offshoot of cranial osteopathy, for the general health care practitioner, it is an therapeutic application that doesn’t require a medical license to practice.

More information can be found at

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Love and Light – A Blessing Be.

Claude Barrett, LMT, CST  License Number mt004572.


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    ABMPUpledger CST Certified   INHS

More information about CranioSacral Therapy

Member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)); Medallion Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP); Certified Upledger Institute CranioSacral Therapist and an Graduate in Advanced Clinical and Holistic Applications of Massage Therapy, from the Institute of Natural Healing Science, (INHS). 

© 2011 – 2018 All Rights Reserved; Quantum InnerQi, Energetic & CranioSacral Therapy…

…By Claude Barrett, LMT, CST.

Medical Massage, Health and Holistic Healing

Reflections of a Rain Drop

Once, while my wife and I drove home from our Christmas vacation, we had to change a flat tire in a freezing pouring rain. I experienced a transcendental moment, while I was staring into the reflections, and colors of the rain drops patterns on my car’s window. My trance like moment brought me so much clarity, that maybe there really are angels. I could not explain it away, nor deny the transformative power of the moment.

I was forced us to stop along side the road, it was raining and temperatures were dropping below 27 degrees.

After stopping, and before, discussing the options with my wife, I took a moment, staring into my car’s front window pane, at the pattern’s the rain drops were making, and I actively asked; “What I should do?” … “Do I need to change the tire now, myself or wait for Triple “AAA”, auto club to rescue us?”

I let go of my question, and sat there in silence for a moment, before I intuitively heard my gut say;  “Get out and change the tire yourself, help is not available!”  There was no judgement, nor rudeness in the reply, it was just a simple direct answer.  The information was so visceral, I actually felt like angels were talking to me.

Then I realized in this weather, “AAA” is clearly not be coming anytime soon.  Too many motorist were already in trouble” I didn’t realize the truth of this, until we got back out on the road.

So, I told my wife, and she agreed, without question, and I got busy changing the tire myself. I blocked the back tires, and she scooted over to the driver’s seat, and I started jacking up the front passenger side.   I had a coat, but I did not have any cloves on, and I was already biting my lips, and the impulse to scream, when I realized that I was wasn’t going to get a second change to do this right. My tire’s lug bolts have to be down tight or we could be stuck out here all night.

I began praying, chanting to myself to keep focused. To slow mental negative chatter down I started counting backwards, and visualizing a fire place for some warmth. To straighten my mental focus, I would chant, “Hocus Pocus, Focus!” like a battle cry, calling the troops into match on their enemies.

Time slowed down.

I’ve known, how to change tires, since I was 16, when my father made me change all four of his car’s tires, for the fun of it. His wisdom, was, meant so I could survive a day like this.

After changing the flat tire, we drove to a filling station to change out of my wet clothes. I was freezing all the way down into my bones. My teeth, and body was quivering. I’ve been cold, for too long.  The weather changed again, now it was snowing, and is sticking, icing up the road, just as fast as was falling.

On the road again, while resting my head, against the passenger side window, I dropped into another alter-state of consciousness. In my trance, I again, became aware of window’s reflections of colors and patterns of streaming rain drops; Then I asked, “Are we going to make it home today, safely and without harm?”

Shortly, after letting go of my question into the wave front of the rain drops and I heard a soft-whisper; “Drive carefully and you, and your wife arrive home safely.”

The road conditions got really harsh, many peoples were standing alongside their cars and trucks buried in snow, along the ditches, waving us off to assure us they were ok, and were waiting for their own Triple “AAA” rescue.

Our trip home, normally only takes about 4 hours or less.  Because, my average speed were 18 miles an hour,  we arrived home, in a record busting time of 8 hours. Warm and safe, we were, beside our own fire place, with nothing more than a few tire tools, a coat, with no cloves and angel reflections inside a rain drop.

© 2018 “Reflections of a Rain Drop” By Claude Barrett.

Medical Massage, Health and Holistic Healing

Have You Heard About Matrix Energetics?

Matrix Energetics®
is a complete system of transformation that produces observable and verifiable changes which can be taught to anyone. Matrix Energetics encompasses a new state of being, a new way of experiencing the world we live in, and a more expansive way of accessing new possibilities – a consciousness shift”.
 2000 – 2003 Matrix Energetics energetic concepts and methods were developed by Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D. (Born 1938 and lives in Seattle, Washington).


I started studying and practicing Dr. Richard Bartlett’s DC. ND work in 2012, Dr. Bartlett is the founder and developer of Matrix Energetics® his work truly awakening inside of me.  It is so simple, that it defies logic, which means it is really hard to explain, and it is one on the things, that you’re got to be experience before you can really appreciate and enjoy it. And yet, his two step protocol, for stepping inside the wave function with intention to get things down, is easy peasy.

Quantum InnerQI- Energetic Therapeutics is my own practice, that borrows heavily from the concepts of Carl Gustav Jung’s Analytical Psychologist, “Active Imagination” Techniques, developed by between 1913 and 1916, (born Swedish 1875 – 1961)  Active imagination is an alchemical, shamanistic meditation technique that enables a persons within the contents of their own personal and collective unconsciousness to be able to access, interface and dialogue with archetypical dream images, “Spirit Guides” and to resolve deep post traumatic stress issues and injuries.

I don’t want to give it all away, except to say Dr. Richard Barrett, D.C., N.D. Matrix Energetics®  is not alone in this developing technology. I have combined and worked with both Ancient and Modern leaders in this field include but not limited to:

  • Sun Bear’s (1929-1992) Medicine Wheel, Vision Quest and Working Totem and Spirit Guides.
  • Carl Jung’s (1875-1961) Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, founded analytical psychology. Active Imagination, working with Archetypes.
  • Robert Monroe’s (1915-1995)”Out of Body Journeys”.
  • Dr. Randolph Stone D.O., D.C., N.D., (1890-1981), the founder of Polarity Therapy.
  • John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M. (1932 -2012) Developer of CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release.
  • Lynn McTaggert’s (Born 1951) CD Publication “The Power of Intention”.
  • Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, 1922 Developed Reiki, The Healing Touch.
  • Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz in 1971 Developed Therapeutic Touch.
  • Barbara Ann Brennan’s (1939 – Book “Hands of Light” Published 1987
  • Dr. Deepak Chopra’s, MD (Born 1946) Book entitled “Quantum Healing”
  • Gregg Braden’s (Born 1954) Consciousness Transformative Lectures, many are found on
  • Nassim Haramein, (Born 1962) physicist – director of research for Resonance Science Foundation; Film: The Black Whole.
  • Jaden Rose Phoenix’s Book “Beyond Human” Claiming the power and magic of your limitless self” Alchemy Wisdom
  • QI Gong,

Also, my own concepts and practice is based upon Remote Viewing, Absentee Distant Healing concepts and methods of Jose Silva’s “Silva Method” Developed in 1944. (American Born in Laredo, Texas; 1914-1999) – Positive Self Hypnosis and Absentee Healing.  More Information:  Rieki Certification, Polarity Therapy, Dr. Upledger’s “Direction of Energy” and “Energy Cyst” concepts, more information is at Hands of Light Barbra Brennen Book; “Working With Intention Audio CD” Lynn McTaggart’s work. More information at

Course Work

I would love to be able to meet with people once a month, to study and playfully practice these healing concepts and methods. Let me know if you are interested. If enough people are interested, (at least 8 people).

I will be hosting our gatherings here in Garland, TX.

Please confirm your interest: or Call 214 232-5278 please leave a voice message.



Love and Light – A Blessing Be.

Claude Barrett, LMT, CST  License Number mt004572.


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    ABMPUpledger CST Certified   INHS

More information about CranioSacral Therapy

Member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)); Medallion Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP); Certified Upledger Institute CranioSacral Therapist and an Graduate in Advanced Clinical and Holistic Applications of Massage Therapy, from the Institute of Natural Healing Science, (INHS). 

© 2011 – 2018 All Rights Reserved; Quantum InnerQi, Advanced Medical Massage & CranioSacral Therapy…

…By Claude Barrett, LMT, CST.

Medical Massage, Health and Holistic Healing

The Body Doesn’t Lie!

The force of the fall’s impact, pounded his chest. Neck, mid and low back fell out of alignment, tensions quickly mounted throughout the body and a headache started to come on. The body doesn’t lie, even though, nothing was broken, it was just a matter of time before everything would start to hurt. For confidentiality purposes, “Jonathon” had to find a solution fast.  Lucky for him, I was available, my massage table was ready. Within the hour of Jonathon’s fall, his body’s tensions and pain started to melt away, under my healing touch.

Call for an appointment, Garland, and in Rockwall, Texas.

Hello, my name is Claude Barrett, I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist, (LMT) since 1991, certified in Advanced Clinical Applications of Massage Therapy and Certified in Upledger Institute CranioSacral Therapy (CST) since 2011.

A gentle touch, hands on therapeutic approach tunes in without creating more muscle guarding. The pressure is light enough to hurt and feel good, while at the same time, and the pressure is slow enough to help the body relax, which unwinds, releases tensions, aches and pains. Muscle guarding is the body’s natural response to a threat, to protect itself from injury. If your massage therapist uses too much pressure, too much traction, “pulling on the neck or a arms”, the body will defend itself, and the pressure will result in exacerbating the injury.  So the best approach is to be neutral, with out an agenda, move in slowly and listen to the body. Go deep, slowly, gradually without crossing the pain threshold. The therapeutic intention is to touch, support the body’s own healing wisdom.

Don’t put off your body’s complaints, body aches and pain.  Too often, we mentally tell ourselves that everything is all right, “no pain, no gain” and keep pushing the envelope.  But for those times, when the body begins to fatigue under the constant stress, that is a signal that chronic pain condition is soon to follow. Ignoring your untreated conditions, can lead to a serious decline in health. At the onsite of your injury, follow these general guidelines:

  1. Always first consult with your medical healthcare provider, see if your condition needs medical attention right away and follow up on their recommendations. Anything worse, 911 yourself to the hospital.
  2. Mentally tune in and listen to your body. In so doing, you maybe able to realize that you need help, before the real pain begins. The quicker your response to your soft-tissue injury, the better your recovery time will be.
  3. If your doctor tells you that your condition, only only needs some rest. Rest and relaxation is your body’s preferred mode of healing. Take care of yourself. You will find that a medical massage\ craniosacral therapy will help enhance your recovery time. You can contact me, Claude for help; 214 232-5278. Leave a Txt or Vm for me.
  4. An Clinical Massage, CranioSacral Therapeutic session can greatly enhance your body’t own healing time, and help you maintain your health and wellbeing.


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Love and Light – A Blessing Be.

Claude Barrett, LMT, CST  License Number mt004572.


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    ABMPUpledger CST Certified   INHS

More information about CranioSacral Therapy

Member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)); Medallion Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners (IAHP); Certified Upledger Institute CranioSacral Therapist and an Graduate in Advanced Clinical and Holistic Applications of Massage Therapy, from the Institute of Natural Healing Science, (INHS). 

© 2011 – 2018 All Rights Reserved; Quantum InnerQi, Energetic & CranioSacral Therapy…

…By Claude Barrett, LMT, CST.