Medical Massage, Health and Holistic Healing

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Craniosacral therapy (CST) can be particularly beneficial for people with chronic fatigue conditions because it works gently to build up health and vitality by enabling deep rest and recovery for your whole body.

CranioSacral is supportive and holistic, and follows your body’s responses, and gently supports the pace your body determines. This makes craniosacral therapy, safe and well suited for people who have clusters of symptoms, headaches, migraines, unique to themselves, and for those who have fragile and sensitive systems.

Many people feel some immediate relief from symptoms, including muscle and joint pain and reduced anxiety. After a few sessions, people can soon notice differences in their sleep patterns and ability to rest deeply which allows the body to return to health.
Sustained progress, can take several sessions, maybe months, depending upon your body’s responses. We will constantly review your CST treatment approach, and look at what additional factors, to support your therapeutic process.
Now located in Garland, and in Rockwall, Texas
Call me Claude 214 232-5278 for an appointment near you.

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