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Alternative or Complementary?

Why would anyone say that CranioSacral Therapy is an alternative medicine?

I think it is because some dogmatic medical scientist, amateurs, who haven’t really done their own research want to discredit us from doing business as a CranioSacral Therapist, they want the whole healthcare field for themselves. The fact is, CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release are by nature, complementary, works best in conjunction with allopathic medicine, not against.

According to Wikipedia and other non-medical, non-researchers like to tell us that CranioSacral Therapy\ SomatoEmotional Release is an alternative therapy that can be used instead of your doctor’s medical diagnosis and treatment. Practitioners are believed do manipulation of skull bones, and regulate the flow of cerebrospinal fluid inside the brain and spinal cord’s dura membrane and aid in “primary respiration”.

There are several problems with this definition, that need to be addressed:

  1. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) doesn’t focus on the manipulation of synarthrodial joints, nor the movement of the skull. But instead focuses on the dura membrane system, on it’s restrictions that often hinder, and lead to abnormal dura membrane mobility and more specifically cause the cerebrospinal fluids’ rhythmic flow to work harder around these soft-tissue adaptations.
  2. CranioSacral Therapist uses a light gentle touch, positional releases and movement, does not involve the manipulation of bones, like Chiropractic Medicine does. Our focus is instead along the dura tube, that lines the inside of the skull, vertebral column, and attaches to the sacrum and tail bone. The dura membrane, is the outer most protective membrane, that keeps the brain and spinal cord functional. The sub-arachnoid membrane, the space that holds the cerebrospinal fluid and its cyclic pressures, its in-flow and out flow mechanism, is under a semi-hydroclic pressure.  Further more, CST helps to improve brain and spinal cord’s functionality, by helping to enhances the dura movement and by balancing the cerebrospinal rhythmic flow.  All in an supportive effect to help the body, take better care of you, in health and well being.
  3. Also, contrary to medical dogma, the bones of an adult skull can be moved. And that  “primary respiration” – cerebrospinal fluid’s rhythmic pulsations can be detected with hands, used to assisting to rebalance and support body’s self-correction.
  4. There is no direct intention to manipulate or pop bones in CranioSacral Therapy, as such it is a much safer, gently and noninvasive therapeutic application. On an average, it takes a Chiropractor, about 10 mins to evaluate and treat the patient, while a CST session it may take from 40 to 90 mins, to evaluate and treat, depending upon the body’s responses. Which gives your body the time it really needs, to release deep traumatic physical and emotional issues.

Historically, CranioSacral Therapy was developed by John Upledger, D.O. in the 1970s, as an offshoot of cranial osteopathy, for the general health care practitioner, it is an therapeutic application that doesn’t require a medical license to practice.

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Love and Light – A Blessing Be.

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