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Reflections of a Rain Drop

Once, while my wife and I drove home from our Christmas vacation, we had to change a flat tire in a freezing pouring rain. I experienced a transcendental moment, while I was staring into the reflections, and colors of the rain drops patterns on my car’s window. My trance like moment brought me so much clarity, that maybe there really are angels. I could not explain it away, nor deny the transformative power of the moment.

I was forced us to stop along side the road, it was raining and temperatures were dropping below 27 degrees.

After stopping, and before, discussing the options with my wife, I took a moment, staring into my car’s front window pane, at the pattern’s the rain drops were making, and I actively asked; “What I should do?” … “Do I need to change the tire now, myself or wait for Triple “AAA”, auto club to rescue us?”

I let go of my question, and sat there in silence for a moment, before I intuitively heard my gut say;  “Get out and change the tire yourself, help is not available!”  There was no judgement, nor rudeness in the reply, it was just a simple direct answer.  The information was so visceral, I actually felt like angels were talking to me.

Then I realized in this weather, “AAA” is clearly not be coming anytime soon.  Too many motorist were already in trouble” I didn’t realize the truth of this, until we got back out on the road.

So, I told my wife, and she agreed, without question, and I got busy changing the tire myself. I blocked the back tires, and she scooted over to the driver’s seat, and I started jacking up the front passenger side.   I had a coat, but I did not have any cloves on, and I was already biting my lips, and the impulse to scream, when I realized that I was wasn’t going to get a second change to do this right. My tire’s lug bolts have to be down tight or we could be stuck out here all night.

I began praying, chanting to myself to keep focused. To slow mental negative chatter down I started counting backwards, and visualizing a fire place for some warmth. To straighten my mental focus, I would chant, “Hocus Pocus, Focus!” like a battle cry, calling the troops into match on their enemies.

Time slowed down.

I’ve known, how to change tires, since I was 16, when my father made me change all four of his car’s tires, for the fun of it. His wisdom, was, meant so I could survive a day like this.

After changing the flat tire, we drove to a filling station to change out of my wet clothes. I was freezing all the way down into my bones. My teeth, and body was quivering. I’ve been cold, for too long.  The weather changed again, now it was snowing, and is sticking, icing up the road, just as fast as was falling.

On the road again, while resting my head, against the passenger side window, I dropped into another alter-state of consciousness. In my trance, I again, became aware of window’s reflections of colors and patterns of streaming rain drops; Then I asked, “Are we going to make it home today, safely and without harm?”

Shortly, after letting go of my question into the wave front of the rain drops and I heard a soft-whisper; “Drive carefully and you, and your wife arrive home safely.”

The road conditions got really harsh, many peoples were standing alongside their cars and trucks buried in snow, along the ditches, waving us off to assure us they were ok, and were waiting for their own Triple “AAA” rescue.

Our trip home, normally only takes about 4 hours or less.  Because, my average speed were 18 miles an hour,  we arrived home, in a record busting time of 8 hours. Warm and safe, we were, beside our own fire place, with nothing more than a few tire tools, a coat, with no cloves and angel reflections inside a rain drop.

© 2018 “Reflections of a Rain Drop” By Claude Barrett.

1 thought on “Reflections of a Rain Drop”

  1. Great story, I truely enjoyed it. The universe is so intellegent ! And it Truely loves to communicate with us. We just have to understand the concept that we are plugged in and all we have to do is open ourselves up to a higher vibrational field where there is answers to our questions.

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