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Heart’s Holographic Medicine Wheel

Advanced Massage & CranioSacral By ClaudeBecause of all the political strife and the fearful ideologies that is being generated these days, you can’t even open Facebook any more without being energetically and emotionally drained.  Left unchecked, this crazy stuff, can take a toll on your mental health and safety, and impact an entire nation’s core values.

In order to combat this condition, individually and collectively, we need to learn to set aside our monkey mind’s fear, anger, bias, and hatred and tap into the Heart. Our Spark of Divinity. The one thing all humanity share in common.  When you move your awareness into the field of your heart’s energetic core, and move into resonance with your own spark of divinity. No matter the strife, the fear or conflict you found yourself bearing, your issue and situation is transformed for the better.

There are several ways to move into the resonant field of your heart’s sacred space to dissolve stressors, and resolve issues. Let me share with you one of my favorite meditation practices, one that was born from my own inner work, even before I started working with my energetic hands and intention.

My first Medicine Wheel was built out in the middle of a grove of trees in the country side, alongside my parents home. It was a 10 foot circle of stones, modeled after Sun Bear’s book entitled The Medicine Wheel. But when I moved into the city, for a job, I found it very difficult to move my stones with me. The a zero plot line, and leased apartment space afforded me neither the space and nor the privacy.

After experimenting with several forms of meditation, prayer altars and ritual in my bedroom,  I decided that the most efficient way was to install a holographic medicine wheel inside my own heart space. That way I can carry with where every I am.

Heart’s Holographic Meditation:

Tune inward consciously, into your own breath. Breath in slowly, and mindfully filling up your lungs with Vitality and Grace. Intentionally affirm and command yourself to acknowledge that this is TRUE, and GIVE THANKS.  Then exhale your breath, slowly, releasing and easing all stresses and tensions, physical, mentally and emotionally. And this is so.

After a few moments, move your awareness down and into your heart space. Imagine yourself mentally becoming smaller and dropping down inside your heart. Move into the center of your heart, and reach up. Switch on the LIGHT. Open your heart’s space in a orb of PURE LIGHT, bathe the walls of your heart and swirl it around yourself. Intentionally affirm and command yourself to acknowledge that this is TRUE, and GIVE THANKS.

Gather all impression, sensory information about of what you feel, what you see and what you learn about being in the middle of your heart space. Ask yourself, what is its’ color, it’s shape, it’s texture? Is it soft, or warm inside your heart space? Anchor, and bookmark these impressions, so  you can always recall and found your way back.

Breathing normally, eyes closed, working with your hands, playfully imagine a hula hoop of light, opening up in the palms of your hands, make it larger and arc it around yourself moving it from above, below and within your own heart. Then wiggle it down around your feet and place it on to the floor. Bow it out in all directions, and form a large circle of LIGHT around yourself and anchor in the four directions. The East is on your left, the South is in front of you, the West is to your right and the North is directly behind you. Your are standing in the circle’s center, as the Fifth Element. Place a magic stone for each direction, and intentionally affirm that this is TRUE, and GIVE THANKS. And this is so.

This circle of light is your holographic medicine wheel, it connects you to the pure intelligence of the universe, and it is your galactic – universal map into infinity and back, to the SOURCE of all that is. This is where you meet up with your spirit guides, to do your work and to serve life. This is SO.

If your intention, has nefarious purposes or you have ill designs then you will not be able to work at these levels of the mind and heart, and this is SO.

Connecting to your heart’s inner wisdom. Affirm consciously and intentionally that this is TRUE, and GIVE THANKS. And it is so. Moving up and out from your heart space. Counting to 3 slowly . . . 1 . . . 2  . . . Eyes Open and 3,  wide awake, feeling refreshed, revitalized and better than before.

(End of Session).

I have done this active meditation many times, once when I was having a panic attack while walking through a New York City subway, during rush hour. This wasn’t the best time, to find out that I have agoraphobia.  The stress and fear of my situation overloaded me quickly, my body starting shaking and sweating. No place to hide.

One, thing you got to realize is that you can’t control a situation like that, you have to command yourself to drop down into your heart’s holographic medicine wheel, and  breath mindfully and center your self in your circle of light of Wisdom and Grace. When I did this, in less than a blink of an eye, I was transformed. My crisis situation passed.

Getting your socks knocked off is your proof of Grace. The more you practice this exercise, the more you will be able to live and feel your sacred connection to all that is, and walk in balance with all your relations.


Even in times like these, with our nation in crisis, with all of our fear mongering, anger and and separation anxiety, all we need to do is drop down inside our heart’s circle of light, blend our intention with it’s Wisdom and Grace to resolve the issues and change your situation for the better. In this way, you can make a difference, and walk in balance with all our relations.

Be the light in the world, serve life and be a blessing.

Love and Light to You,


Sincerely, Claude Barrett, LMT, CST

© 2017 Quantum InnerQi – Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST – All Rights Reserved.

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