How many sessions is it going to take to fix this?


cropped-20150517_120213.jpgA first time, CranioSacral Therapy client can often have hidden expectations. That some how their post concussion syndrome, headaches, TMJ-D, neck or back pain can be resolved in just one session. Too often the CST practitioners leaves it up to the client to know when to rebook a session.

Craniosacral Therapists are trained to believe their client’s “inner wisdom” will tell them when it’s time for another session. But here’s the problem with that, through all their pain and stress, the client usually can not hear the still, small voice of their intuition. Which is why the client needs a fierce and honest advocate.

An Ounce of Framing Is Worth a Pound of Reframing (Attributed to Judy DeLozier)

Framing lets someone know in advance what’s going to happen. And what they should expect, and experience so they come back for the help they sorely need.

So when a new client asks “How many sessions is it going to take to fix this?” 

I like to follow up by saying “I’m glad you asked”.

Of course, every individual is unique. So while some conditions may resolve in a single session, more often it’s like peeling away the layers of an onion. We release soft-tissue restrictions layer by layer until we get to the core issue that’s been holding all the others in place, then the condition can be corrected by the body’s own healing wisdom.

So while I can’t tell you exactly how many sessions it’ll take for your issue to resolve, I promise you this at the end of each session, I’ll give you my honest opinion about whether I believe you could use another session. Or whether you’re good to go.


Before I start the first session, I like to say this, many people ask me how many sessions it’ll take for their particular challenge to be resolve, and I’ll tell you what I tell them. I will give you my honest opinion at the end of the session. 

Often the client will appreciate the honesty.

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