Lost & Found

At times, I reminded that I can be a bit spacey. For instance, I will come in after work, take my shoes off, plop my things down and slump down into a comfy chair. Then, after a few minutes, I will have trouble about recalling where I put my iPhone, my notebook and where I left my “freakin” keys. It is frustrating at times. I’ve been like this for as long, as I can remember.  I know this happens because of stresses, mental and otherwise that I haven’t yet taken the time to unwind from. My long hours, at my day job can do that to me at times.

It seems like, the more I try to find the item that I’ve lost, the more it is lost to me. When it comes to finding my things, I have to stop trying.

Stop trying comes much easier, when I become playful like a child, for the purpose of engaging my subconsciousness. Somewhere in my mind, I am aware where my lost item is, so the first course of action is to do something entirely different, give yourself permission to relax.

After a few moments of just breathing, relaxing and listening to the silence, I open my mind’s active imagination. Sometimes, I playful move about the house not by retracing my steps, but by mentally playing with a magic wand, casting orbs of light out with my intention;  “Reveal Yourself!”

I know, it sounds a bit too Harry Potter like, but it is works. You should give it a try, next time you need to find something you lost.

For more information call  Claude at 214 232-5278 leave a voice or text message and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

© 2016 Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST – All Rights Reserved.

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