Heart Meditation

Easy Alchemy begins when you learn to drop your mental awareness into your heart’s sacred space. 

Your spiritual, physical and emotional health can be revitalized when you learn to yoke your mind with your heart’s sacred space. 

Emotional fear, anger and depression can really knock you off balance Left untreated these dark energetic flows often lead to low self esteem, relationship problems, health issues and addictions. Worst, without any impulse control, it can even lead to some jail time.

We are all challenged by our own mental and emotional stresses, they are often the source of much suffering.

Hello, my name is Claude Barrett, I’m a licensed massage therapist and an Advanced CranioSacral Therapist. I have been a holistic practitioner since 1991.

I have developed a program, I call Quantum InnerQI that brings together some easy alchemy, energetic and meditation concepts and methods to help location and rebalance energetic flows.

One of the most important concepts I’ve ever learned for a successful energetic healing session, whether you are working on yourself, a friend or client to restore, revitalize and regain balance is the Heart Meditation.

Heart Meditation is a powerful anchor, one that I use everyday in my own personal life and in my practice. It begins by tuning into the Heart and turning on the light.

Here is an easy alchemy – meditation formula that can help: 

  • Breath and move your mental focus inward and become aware of your breathe. Tune in and observe yourself. Breathing in and breathing out.  Gather all impressions of being here now. Set aside your mental chatter.
  • Then after a few moments, relax and move your mental focus from your breathe and down into your heart space. Become aware of your heart’s vital force. Observe, listen and imagine moving your awareness into your heart space. It’s easy, focus mentally on your own heart space. Relax.
  • And go deeper. Now imagine yourself inside your heart space, once inside, reach up and switch on the “Light”. Let the light fill up your heart space. It is your heart’s spark of Grace, the Source of all that is, the core of your being. That connects you to all things. Relax.
  • And go deeper. Now create a circle of light around yourself, visualize a hoola hoop of light encircling yourself. Standing inside your circle of light, orb and arc your heart’s light out into every aspect, cell, molecule and level of your being. Connect to the Source, your Sacred Connection above, below and with in. Inside your heart’s circle of light,  call in your spiritual guides for help, guidance and protection.
  • Then place your intention, the purpose of your session in the center of your heart space and give thanks, a blessing be.
  • Now Release. Return for a moment to normal levels of awareness. Then merge back into your heart’s circle. Observe and notice what has changed.
  • End your session. Feeling refreshed, revitalized and renewed.
  • Return to your wakeful level of the mind and consciousness.

For example, to balance all your emotional, rationality or fears, just ask for help to balance all your emotional levels and anchor them in the core of you being. Then release. Observe and notice what has changed.

The more you practice these easy Quantum InnerQi methods, the stronger your sacred connection and intuitive function becomes.

Clue: Be playfully present, imagine and visualize. The transformative experience begins when you have crossed over and into the realm beyond make-believe.

For more information call  Claude at 214 232-5278 leave a voice or text message and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

© 2016 Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST – All Rights Reserved.

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