Love and Enlighenment

When I first began practicing meditation, I was asked to learn the difference between Buddha and Yeshua; (Hebrew name of Jesus) “How did these two phenomenal holy men of history achieve spiritual enlightenment?”

I took the traditional seated position on the floor, my back straight and my legs crossed in front of me. Then after a few moments of watching my breathe, I moved my awareness into my hands, simply by being aware of the palms of my hands. Then I counted down and dropped my awareness into my heart space. Then I gave thanks and ask for a blessing.

In my first meditation session, I imagined and visualized Buddha seated in front of me, facing me in the same meditative pose, as my own. As I meditated, my attention was pulled inside Buddhas’ Mind. Once inside, I was pulled into the galactic sea, where I flew into spiraling stars of the heavens and I was pulled into infinity.  In that single moment, I felt a connection with all humanity and all my relations. I felt a oneness with all that is.

In my second meditation session, I focused on Yeshua. Like before, in my first session, I imagined and visualized Yeshua seated in front of me, mirroring my own seated meditation pose.

A veil, opened up in my mind’s eye and pulled my attention inside Yeshua’s heart. Again, like before I was moved into heaven’s stars and into infinity.

In conclusion, I learned that Buddha achieved Love and Enlightenment through his mind’s eye, while Yeshua achieved Love and Enlightenment through his own heart chakra, both are valid paths.

Afterwards, I felt I understood a bit more about enlightenment, than I did before. It was much easier, than I was ever lead to believe. The key to success, is to get out of your own way.


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© 2016 Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST – All Rights Reserved.

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