Working with The Inner Phyisican

Working with the body’s Inner Physician at any level is a quantum technique. Anytime you merge, tune and drop your awareness into the tissue patterns of energy with intention you are engaging the body’s wave function.

At these deep levels, your awareness opens into a realm where the Inner Physician begins to respond to you. Here is where intuitive information comes from. When you move and support merging into the wave function by mentally imaging, listening and  ask for help, you are knocking on the door of transformation, that is when change happens.

The key to being neutral is, don’t use your own energy nor agenda. When you do, tissue soreness and fatigue can occur, for both your client and yourself.

Stay in flow by following the energetic and tissue patterns, to locate and treat “Energy Cysts” – Dr, John Upledger, DO, OMM, with intention, and direction of energy – engage and ask for information at the quantum level, ask to be shown how to help. Then wait, be silent, inside the moment of the still point for an intuitive response.

Your intuition opens when you are truly listening, feeling and seeing – which happens when you are truly out of your own way and in neural. Pushing and Pulling can cause rebound and new injuries for both your client and your self.

At any time during the session you find yourself thinking, stop and tune back into the tissue patterns. Do this by simply moving your awareness back into it. You just don’t want your monkey mind interrupting the session.

For more information about the Inner Physician 

For more information call  Claude at 214 232-5278 leave a voice or text message and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

© 2016 Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST – All Rights Reserved.

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