Energy is Everything

Everything is an energy wave pattern, a frequency, oscillating in multi-dimensional levels. We are all entangled with each other at a Quantum level and “connected to the stars” Nassim Haramein, in his film the Black Whole.

Since the dawn of humanity, the evidence has always been there for us to realize, if only we knew what to look for.  Haramein shows us that we are all connected from our subatomic DNA levels to the stars and into infinite. Each level of our essence has its own torsion pattern that is holographically mirrored to the cosmos, black holes and beyond. Our consciousness gives us access, because we are the balance point between all subtle energies and physicality in the universe. We are the event horizon of the torsion wave function of the universe. We have access to all these level, subconsciously.

Some wave patterns can be harmful, especially if they are the result of a traumatic event. The emotional and physical impact of the force of a trauma, whether it was the result of falling off your bicycle as a kid, emotional wounding, the experience of war, a car accident, a birth trauma all can get lodged inside the body’s energetic field and soft-tissue. These wave patterns become a problem when they cause mental and physical stresses and tensions, when can lead to headaches, neck and back pain, and further injuries.

Negative, disruptive wave patterns are like dark and tangled wave frequencies that spike above the body’s normal rhythms and patterns; (breathe, heart beat, circulation, craniosacral rhythm and visceral and tissue mobility and motility). These tangled wave patterns are broadcasted through the energetic and emotional bodies and can be detected by your hands and your intuition.

Normally, our body’s own inner wisdom does a pretty good job of healing itself.  Yet, there are also times, when our body needs help. If the body is not able to release and heal from these disruptive wave patterns, it encapsulate them and moves them off into regions of the body that are less critical. Left untreated, the body fatigues, signaling the decline of health.

Dr. John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M founder of CranioSacral Therapy called these negative, disruptive wave patterns “Energy Cysts” because they are also often loaded up with negative emotions, like shame, fear and anger, that occurred during the original traumatic event. By mindfully tuning into the normal craniosacral rhythms your client,  you can begin to detect where in your client’s energetic and soft-tissue body these disruptive wave patterns are located and help release and unwind these tangled messes with simple energetic and intention methods.

Doctor Upledger called it “melding”, its’ when you mindfully move your awareness into resonance with your client’s patterns, for the purpose of providing therapeutic support. (It is a light trance meditation level of the mind). This simple, yet profound meditative concept gives you access to a person’s “Inner Physician” – Upledger terminology for a body’s inner wisdom, that part of you that knows how to heal and change the things that need to be changed. When you tune into and expand your awareness to see, feel, listen and dialogue with your client’s “Inner Physician” the door way into the pure consciousness, the wisdom and compassion of the universe opens.

Ancient shamanistic and religious traditions have many names, concepts as well as formulas for accessing this same phenomena. This is where miracles happen, the Bible tell us that all we need to do is “ask and it will be given . . . knock and the door will be opened”. The good news is, it’s easy to tune into these wave functions and patterns, because we already know how to subconsciously. It is all a matter of practice, learning what works for yourself. Then once you place your intention and get out of the way, Grace then will do it’s thing. Your ego is your amigo when its not in the way. To do this we need only to learn, remember how to be in neutral.

Your ego, persona is often locked into an ordinary mental awareness, it just lets things happen, because it assumes that we do not have any control of our situation. People are constantly being pushed and pulled energetically, consciously or unconsciously, which can result in an injury if you don’t protect your self. Being neutral, neither pushing nor pulling energy during a session, it keeps you grounded to the mother earth, feeling her gravity and in the present moment. Also, it helps to not get too attached to the outcome. Be humble and thankful and you will witness to miracles.

You do not want to use your own energy, this will only drain you. So when your merge, meld with your client, do so with the intention of getting help from the pure source of all that is. Do what is most comfortable to you, so if you want to stick with Upledger’s terminology fine, you want to call it God, fine, want to call it a spirit guide or inner wisdom, fine. It all works because you are tapping into the pure consciousness of the universe, working with the body therapeutically in the intention of the One.

Learning to move and expand your awareness is essential to being successful, as a partitioner, a therapist and as a person who is looking to thrive, looking for love, a job and prosperity in the world.

Join our meet ups and learn how to work with your own , Healing and Transformation from the Heart’s Sacred Connection.

A blessing Be

Love and Light

Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST

© 2016 Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST – All Rights Reserved.

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