What is Snow Globing?

Orbing is a ball of light and an “innerqi” that you mentally create in your mind’s eye. It is one of my favorite mental concepts for orbing and arcing, which I call “Snow-Globing.”   It is based upon time travel or what a hypnotist calls Regression or even Past Life Therapy; It is a mental concept, a model that says that everything an individual has ever experienced is recorded and retained in the mind and the body tissue”, which can be recalled in a trance meditation for the purpose of a therapeutic transformation.

The mind has multiple levels of consciousness, which make up the three main systems of the mind. The first mental level is the ordinary awareness-ego centered everyday level of awareness; Second, there is the subconscious mind, sometimes called the unconscious mind which most people do not have access to, unless they are day dreaming, doing creative work or asleep. Then there is the third level, the super-conscious mind when all lobes of the brain is in sync multitasking and problem solving.  (For the purpose of this article, I will be primarily focus on trance levels of awareness, that is often associated with Alpha-Theta brainwaves, the cross over point between ordinary wakefulness and the dream states of the subconscious mind. In these levels of the mind, the whole brain’s mental functions move into a resonance with the Quantum Field).

Everything we experience, in the past has a certain amount of emotional content that has an energetic positive and negative charge on the presence in the moment, which in turn effects the future. The greater the emotional charge, the more it affects our mental and physical systems in the now.

Note: There are 6 basic emotions we all have. Measured out in equal portions, we have Bliss, Love and Joy for positive emotional states and Anger, Fear and Sadness for the negative. Any one of these emotional states can be extreme and have ill effects on your presence in the moment if not kept in balance with the others.  When you find yourself stuck in the past with memories of fear, anger or sadness, you are not a very pleasant person to be around. Likewise, when you are stuck in the extreme emotional states of love, joy and bliss no one really wants to be around you for very long, because of the lack of empathy, detachment you from others and their suffering. Balancing these emotional states is key to a healthy emotional life, which can be done when you anchor into your heart, mindfully being present in the moment and snow globing the extreme emotion state or hurtful memories it a way to get it done.

Snow globing, is a dynamic trance meditation concept that first begins with a heart meditation. Give thanks and ask for a blessing. Anchor your awareness, by mentally moving your mental focus into your heart. Then ask for help and place your intention, for example, “I want to have a healthier relationship with my mom, I want to change my emotional states around that hurtful memory”.

Then engage your imagination, create a sacred space inside your heart and invite your Spirit Guide to join you inside the heart’s circle of light, affirm and place your intention to heal the past, present and future around your mom.

Mentally move back into time and recall a time when the hurtful, painful memory occurred and decide that it needs to be changed. Once located, I orb it in a ball of light and pick it up like a snow globe and shake it with your intention.

As you put the snow globe down and watch the snow flakes inside it float around, adrift in swirls of joyful delight. Again, affirm and trust in Grace for the change and blessing. Watch these snow flakes inside the globe as they fall along different and healthier patterns than before.

Then end the meditation by intentionally arcing, connecting the reconfigured snow flake patterns inside the globe to your heart and present moment. Again give thanks for the revitalized, renewed and positive emotions it will bring.

Keep A Journal  You will also find that it always helps to keep track of these healing meditations. Writing it down signals your subconscious mind that you value its help and information and gives an anchor to your intuition and a grip in your life.

Note: When you get a response from Spirit the snow globe meditation, it gives way to an experience, one that begins to drive the story. It feels like you are no longer making it up with your imagination, it feels instead that you have become an active participate.  From that moment on, be an active observer and listener, allow the entire experience to be the information and help you need. Everything that happens to you after that point is your Spirit Guide working with you. You may not understand the message of the story at first, that is another reason why you should keep a journal. The experience and information gained by the meditation session will make more since to as you begin to live and work with it.

A blessing be.

In Love and Light

Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST




© 2016 Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST – All Rights Reserved.



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