The Night’s Orbing Lights

As a kid, I had a very active imagination and a powerful hunger for magic . . .

I used to play with marbles, imagine that they were tiny little orbs that held entire galaxies and universes inside them and I never went anywhere without some kind of protection or lucky charm in my pocket. You can blame it on my mom, she read to me every night about far away places and adventures beyond my little imagination.

The first time, I saw orbing fire flies outside my bedroom window, my heart run off in pure excitement. In my mind’s eye they were little angels, or faerie folk or some kind of wee people of the night. I rushed to mom, to share with her my delight, only to be told they were only flickering fire flies and that it was way past my bedtime.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. Instead, I setup in bed to watch the fire flies from my bedroom window, flickering and swirling around the tree that stood in our backyard. I still recall in vivid detail today, what happened when I dropped into a light trance meditation.

I was staring out my bedroom window, with my eyes wide open, enjoying the swirling  lights around our tree, when one of them stopped and turned to look at me. It was as if, the orb of light, had suddenly realized it was being watched. My entire world tilted a bit, when I focused my awareness in on the little guy. I wondered if he could fly over to me, so I could get a closer look.

Just as I blinked, the orb suddenly arced in a stream of light through my window and flew around my room casting a kaleidoscope effect of lights on my bedroom walls. Then the orb of light came to a stand still, hovered in front of my face. For a few breathless moments, we just looked at each other. He was so beautiful! My mind became crystal clear and still. My awareness expanded out into a timeless realm beyond anything I ever known, out into a pure fields of love and joy. Infinite seemed to have touched me in that moment, leaving me awe-struck.  Then it was over, the little guy turned on its axis and sped out the window. I watched him join his little buddies, who were still flying around our backyard tree.

I didn’t tell mom, I couldn’t risk being told it was just my imagination. I didn’t want her to rob me of my treasure.

A little meditation, sprinkled with an active imagination is all it takes to open heaven’s door

By Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST


© 2016 Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST – All Rights Reserved.

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