Heart Meditation in a Crowded Room

I’ve  always enjoyed the french ambiance and food at La Madeleine, except  this one, that my wife and I like to go to, it always has the sounds like big kitchen in a small cafe. Pans and dishes are rattling, banging and the loud noise from all the people’s voices trying to be heard can be a bit overwhelming.  It’s enough to cause me some stress and anxiety.

Not really. I affirm that the stresses and feelings are mine. No one but myself has control over them and it is my responsible for my own energy and perceptional bias.

Instead of letting it all keep overwhelming to me, I decided it was time to change my focus. I mindfully took a slow inhalation and on my exhalation I slowly dropped my awareness down into my heart space. Meaning, I moved my mental focus out of my ordinary consciousness awareness down into my heart’s field of energy.  Here I dropped my intention in with a sprinkle of imagination. When I moved into resonance with my heart sacred space and opened my heart like a flower of life. Then I  expanded it out from myself into the room of people around me, to include them in my circle of light.

At first, nothing happen. Then while I was picking up some napkins and silver ware for our table, I started to inadvertently “Om-ing” to myself. By the time I had returned to our table to join my wife, I was calm and peaceful like a Buddha. My body didn’t feel so stressed out any more. Even the noise in the room seemed to be much less. It was like I could now hear the silence between the noise, almost like a music with a syncopated beat.

What was different? Me. In my heart meditation, I was now able to focus on the moments of silence instead of the noise in the restaurant. More importantly, I felt that I belonged, like no one in the room was a stranger to me, that we were all connected to each other like family.

Heart Meditation, breathing slowly in and out while moving your awareness into your heart’s sacred space is life transforming. It induces a powerful grounding, connecting your awareness to the here and now, in the present moment. The place in your heart that is still connected to Grace.

Scientifically, there is evidence that the heart meditation stimulates the vagus nerve, switches on the parasympathetic part of  your body’s  involuntary nervous system, which serves to slow the heart rate and induces a whole body relaxation response. whic hin turn calms the flight or fight syndrome. That is powerful.

Next time you find your self in a pitch, take a moment to tune into your own breathe, move your awareness into your heart’s sacred space and open to the Grace of the infinite moment.


Upledger CST Certified

Claude Barrett, LMT, TMI, CST

© 2016 Claude Barrett, LMT, MTI, CST – All Rights Reserved.

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